Dear LSM community members,

I am sorry to report that online ordering of LSM CDs will not be available this year. Squarespace (the host service for this web site) does not support quantity dependent pricing discounts in it's e-commerce platform. I assumed it could be done but didn't fully test before saying that online ordering would be available, an assumption I regret.

Because quantity dependent price discounts have been offered for many years with the mail-in order forms it seemed unfair to not have this available when ordering online. I will be shopping for a different e-commerce platform that can support this capability so that next year online ordering with quantity discounts will be available. But for this year, the existing method of downloading a form and mailing it in will continue.

Click HERE to download an order form, or call 763-512-1718 to place your order by phone.

My sincere apologies to LSM students and families for any inconvenience this may cause.

Doug Geston, owner
Westmark Productions